The package of services that we offer is aimed at electricity consumers, connected at all voltage levels and includes:
Electricity supply
We offer some of the most competitive prices on the electricity market at the whole country.
Analysis and consulting
Checking the possibility to access the free market. Analysis of energy costs, consulting, evaluation of benefits.
Registration on the open market
RITAM-4-TB Ltd. provides to its customers free registration on the open market.
Administration to EDC and ESO
RITAM-4-TB Ltd. provides to its customers free full administration to EDC and ESO.Forecasting and scheduling.
Entirely at the expense of RITAM-4-TB or if desired by the customer on special prices for surpluses and shortages other than the balancing electricity market in Bulgaria.
Fixed price
Fixed price for the entire contract period. 1 fare 1 price 1 invoice 1 payment. Ff desired by the customer we offer flexible solutions for pricing, tariffs and payment.