Free market

Electricity trader

The Energy Act in the Republic of Bulgaria entitles customers to choose or change their electricity supplier. This creates an environment for effective competition, transparent and market pricing of electricity.
RITAM-4-TB Ltd. is a licensed electricity trader, which offers some of the most competitive prices on the market.
Free market

Balancing group

In order to take full advantage of the benefits of free electricity market, consumers should accede not only to a trader, but also to a balancing group.This group has a coordinator, responsible for imbalances realized before the Electricity System Operator and aims at internal redistribution and reducing of the imbalances, realized between the participants – excesses or shortages of electricity. In this way, a separation of the financial from the physical flows, arising from the consumption and production of electricity, is achieved.
Rhythm 4 TB Ltd. is a licensed coordinator of a balancing group, uniting end users and RES producers from diverse spheres of the economy, consumption and production of electrical energy. In this way, we achieve optimization of surplus and shortage, reduction of costs for imbalances and achievement of an increasingly competitive and optimized final price for electricity of our customers. We are looking forward to hearing from you!!!

Liberalized market

The liberalization of the Bulgarian electricity market led to a separation of production, supply, transmission and distribution of electricity.
Lower prices for electricity
The separation of production, supply, transmission and distribution of electricity enables each customer to take advantage of the lower prices on the open market by concluding a contract with a licensed provider (dealertrader) of electricity.
Without interruption of power supply
When changing a supplier power shall not be suspended because no physical actions on the network are performed.
Without change in quality of electricity supply
The supplier is irrelevant to the quality of the supply. Choosing a new supplier does not alter the obligations of the Electricity Distribution Company (EDC) – the owner of the distribution network, which continues to be responsible for the quality of delivered energy and for taking care of any accidents that might occurring occure .
Free market

Registration steps

There are three steps towards registration on the free electricity market:


Although the free market has more than 15 years of history, bad practices are still found on it. In many cases, very advantageous conditions are offered at the level of the offer, but in reality, at a later stage when concluding the contract, hidden clauses or general conditions are specified, significantly changing into less favorable conditions and responsibilities for the customer.
Contact us for a free consultation on the possibilities of joining your facilities to the free market with flexible and transparent conditions.

Choosing a new electricity supplier

The supply and purchase of electricity at freely agreed prices is carried out by commercial companies licensed by KEVR for this activity. If by now your facilities are  not registered on the free market, their electricity is supplied or purchased by an administratively appointed supplier at regulated prices. For the various regions of the country, these are the subsidiaries of the owners of the electricity distribution networks licensed for this activity. The prices and conditions of electricity on the regulated market are much more unfavorable compared to those on the free market. Therefore, choosing an electricity supplier in the liberalized market leads to a significant reduction in costs.
Do not hesitate to contact us for an analysis of your energy costs, assessment of the benefits and preparation of an individual offer. By choosing RITAM-4-TB Ltd. you will find a loyal partner, offering some of the most competitive prices on the free market!

Registration of the facility/ ies on the open market

Registration on the open electricity market is performed through your network operator (EDC) to which the facilities are connected. Required documents have been published on the ESO (Electricity System Operator) website and include: an application for access to the electric grid and an application for a subsequent registration of the balancing energy market (change of the balance group coordinator). These may be submitted by either the client or a notary authorized person.
RITAM-4-TB Ltd. provides to its customers registration on the open market as well as full administration to EDC and ESO.
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Free market

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