More about us

Our company RITAM-4-TB Ltd /UIC 123655865, registered office and headquarters in Stara Zagora, St.Knyaz Boris str., 9th floor, managers Russi Danev and Tanya Daneva / has been on the market for more than thirty-two years (since 1991).

The company has been a licensed electricity trader since 2011 and is a balancing group coordinator. It started with 80 sites and today has over 18,000 delivery points.

As an electricity trader, "Ritam" relies on quality service, security of supply and individual conditions tailored to the needs and business of each client.

"Ritam" offers a package of services such as sale and purchase of electricity, supply of completely green energy, for which the customer receives a "Green Certificate", analysis of the customer's energy costs, consulting and evaluation of benefits. As coordinator of the balancing group, "Ritam" forecasts consumption and prepares trading schedules.

Over the years, the company has established significant market positions and has been awarded "Taxpayer of the Year" several times. In addition to electricity, RITAM-4-TB Ltd has been trading coal, metals and fuels since its establishment in 1991. The company is a majority shareholder in "Zaharni Zavodi", where sugar products are produced, including "Lukcheta", lokum and halva "Sladki Vremena", "Temenuzhka" candies and "Lemon Slices".

The electricity consumed by our customers

TWh 5
GWh 190
MWh 647
kWh 625
About us

In recent years we have been reporting

6,3 % average portfolio growth
Over 18 000 delivery objects
Top 10 of biggest energy traders in Bulgaria
800 solar power plants
20 hydropower plants
6 highly efficient combined heat and power plants
Ritam 4 TB growth

Market segments

We occupy significant market segments and we are a preferred partner.
Electrical energy

We develop in two directions

We are a coordinator of a balancing group and we are developing in two directions - supply and purchase of electrical energy.

electrical energy SUPPLY

We are a licensed standard balancing group coordinator. It involves end customers, consumers to whom we supply and balance the active electrical energy they need. If necessary, we issue certificates for the supply of electricity from renewable energy sources.

electrical energy PURCHASE

We are a licensed standard balancing group coordinator. It involves producers of Highly Efficient Combined Production (HECP) and producers of electricity from renewable energy sources (RES).


We have a license for electricity trading № L-370-15 / 21.11.2011g. and
extension of the license for a coordinator of a balancing group № I1-L-370 / 17.12.2012g.
We have successfully implemented a system of quality management standard ISO 9001: 2008.
License for Electricity trading
№ L-370-15 / 21.11.2011g.
License for Coordinator of a balancing group
№ I1-L-370 / 17.12.2012g.
Certificate for Quality Management ISO 9001:2015
№ ES-0753/2014

Our conditions

We managed to become a reliable and preferred partner on the energy market. Our conditions are one of the most competitive, flexible and free in the country.

Our partners

We buy energy from the major producers:

  • Maritsa East 2 TPP EAD
  • Kozloduy NPP EAD
  • Many and varied renewable energy sources producers

We partner with all major European companies on the international markets and exchanges, and at the same time the share of energy from RES producers is also growing.

Our clients

Our portfolio of clients is diverse – we supply with electricity both major energy consumers and less energy-intensive industrial consumers in various industries, sectors and areas.
Package of services

Supply of electricity

The supply of electricity on the free energy market is the package of services aimed at business and household consumers of electricity, connected at all voltage levels and includes:
  • Analysis of energy costs, counseling and assessment of benefits;
  • Registration / change of supplier and administration;
  • Forecasting, scheduling and balancing;
  • Supply of electricity with a fixed price for the entire duration of the contract;
  • Stability and long-term partnership in line with Your rhythm;

Our mission

The successful development of electricity trading presupposes knowledge of the market structure and participants, the nature of transactions and the rules of the trade, the legal requirements and procedural terms- we guarantee all of this.

Our mission and goal is to develop as a reliable partner and to achieve transparency and competitiveness in a fully liberalized market.

If you are interested in the services we offer do not hesitate to enter into a rhythm because we are YOUR RHYTHM!