RITAM-4-TB Ltd. has been on the energy market since its establishment in 1991. The main products which we operate with are: electrical energy on the open market and abroad; coal imports from Ukraine and Russia for industrial purposes, for power generation and for household heating; metallurgical coke; ferrous metals; liquid and gaseous fuels.

Electrical energy

RITAM-4-TB holds a license as an electricity trader and a coordinator of a balancing group, being a major participant and factor in the liberalization of the electricity market in Bulgaria.


coal trading

RITAM-4-TB is a major importer from Ukraine and Russia of Energy coal for industrial purposes and power generation, as well as of coal for household heating.


RITAM-4-TB also specializes in the trade in metals, metal profiles, sheets, etc…


RITAM-4-TB operates in the market of liquid and gaseous fuels – both wholesale and retail.

Electricity Trading

The package of services that we offer is aimed at electricity consumers, connected at all voltage levels and includes:

  • analysis of energy costs, consulting, evaluation of benefits
  • full administration in regard to EDC and ESO
  • forecasting and scheduling
  • balancing – entirely at the expense of RITAM-4-TB or if desired by the customer on special prices for surpluses and shortages other than the balancing electricity market in Bulgaria
  • fixed price for the entire contract period
  • 1 fare 1 price 1 invoice 1 payment
  • if desired by the customer we offer flexible solutions for pricing, tariffs and payment

Web based client portal Ritam-4-TB

Dear customers,

our new online – based self-service portal lets you track your consumption, receive your invoices and run your necessary reference. The advantages it offers are:

  • easy and convenient access;
  • platform adapted for access by mobile devices;
  • Integration of the database for each customer and information about their hourly consumption;
  • seamless support of data from the portal.

Learn more about the portal and how to sign up!

Licenses and certificates:

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